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Keeping dust out of your caravan has never been easier with a muk mat camping floor mat -

the ultimate solution to those sandy beds and dirty floors.

Simply lay down your caravan outdoor mat or caravan step mat and come and go as freely as you like

knowing your bed won’t be full of sand and dirt.

Make the most of days spent cruising in the caravan and leave the muk outside with a caravan mat from muk mat. 

Your new muk mat is completely Australian owned, made from recycled, synthetic grass materials and is available in four sizes,

muk mat step, muk mat original, muk mat large, and muk mat extra large in a variety of trim colours to suit all needs.

CALL 02 6962 4738 or email with your order.

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Perfectly suited for caravans, cars, camping and basically wherever you need clean feet!
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